I am an experienced HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist offering assessment, formulation and therapy to adults in the Merseyside area who may be experiencing a range of difficulties or distress. These difficulties may include:
  •      Interpersonal and relationship difficulties
  •      Anxiety or phobias
  •      Trauma and complex trauma
  •      Depression or low mood
  •      Low self-esteem
  •      Social difficulties
  •      Obsessive or compulsive type experiences
  •      Distressing or unusual experiences and psychosis
  •      Addictions (e.g. substances, sex)
  •      Loss and grief
  •      Sexual, physical and emotional abuse
We all have times in our lives that are painful and experiences that are difficult. Emotional and psychological distress are natural responses to such events and are incredibly common, and yet seeking support can sometimes feel overwhelming. Sometimes the way we feel can affect our everyday lives, including our relationships, our ability to carry out activities and can cause us distress. These may be short-term difficulties, or may become part of a more established way of seeing the world around us, ourselves and others.
At these times, we may benefit from someone to support us to develop strategies and different ways of coping, or to aid in processing past trauma. Finding the right professional to help you make sense of your difficulties in order to move forward is a deeply personal choice and it can be a challenge to work out who is the best fit for you. This website is designed to provide you with information in order to help you start that process.
I offer a confidential, compassionate, empathic, collaborative and professional therapy service working with a range of psychological difficulties, using a range of therapeutic models. I see clients from across the Merseyside region and try to be as flexible as possible in offering appointments that work best for you.
I hope that you find the information on these pages helpful. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs further.